If you prefer the tutorial style of explanation, please see the following examples that walk you through examples:


Quick Start Tutorial
Walks you through the beginnings of making a beginner’s ship launcher script.
Basic Explanation Tutorial
Covers basic commands of KOS.


Design Patterns Tutorial
Discusses some general aspects of kOS flow control and optimizations.
PID Loop Tutorial
Starts with a basic proportional feedback loop and develops, in stages, a complete PID-loop to control the throttle of a simple rocket design.
Execute Node script
ZiwKerman describes a generic “execute manuever node” script to be a one-size-fits-all solution to many situations in KSP. If you can make a manuever node for something, exenode will execute it.
Creating Reusable GUI Elements
Creating and using a “TabWidget” to put a lot of functionality in a small amount of screenspace.

External tutorials

Tutorials written by others, outside the main kOS docs.

General tutorials