An element is a docked component of a Vessel. When you dock several vessels together to create one larger vessel, you can obtain the “chunks” of the larger vessel organized by which original vessel they came from. These “chunks” are called elements, and they are what the Element structure refers to.

A list of elements from the vessel can be created by using the command:

list elements in eList.
// now eList is a list of elements from the vessel.

Each item of that list is one of the elements. The rest of this page describes the elements and what they do.


Element boundries are not formed between two docking ports that were launched coupled. a craft with such an arrangement will appear as one element until you uncoupled the nodes and redocked

structure Element
Suffix Type Description
NAME :struct:string The name of the docked craft
UID :struct:string Unique Identifier
PARTS List all Parts
DOCKINGPORTS List all DockingPorts
VESSEL Vessel the parent Vessel
RESOURCES List all AggrgateResources
Access:Get only

A unique id


The name of the Element element, is an artifact from the vessel the element belonged to before docking. Cannot be set to an empty string.

Type:List of Part objects
Access:Get only

A List of all the parts on the Element. SET FOO TO SHIP:PARTS. has exactly the same effect as LIST PARTS IN FOO.. For more information, see ship parts and modules.

Type:List of DockingPort objects
Access:Get only

A List of all the docking ports on the Element.

Access:Get only

The parent vessel containing the element.

Type:List of AggregateResource objects
Access:Get only

A List of all the AggregateResources on the element.