Flight ControlΒΆ

Unless otherwise stated, all controls that a kOS CPU attempts will be done on the CPU Vessel. There are three styles of control:

Give a goal direction to seek, and let kOS find the way to maneuver toward it.
Control the craft just like a manual pilot would do from a keyboard or joystick.
This is the stock way of controlling craft, the state of which can be read in KerboScript.



However, SAS will tend to fight and/or override kOS’s attempts to steer. In order for kOS to be able to turn the ship, you need to set SAS OFF. You should take care in your scripts to manage the use of SAS appropriately. It is common for people writing kOS scripts to explicitly start them with a use of the SAS OFF command just in case you forgot to turn it off before running the script. You could also store the current state in a temporary variable, and re-set it at the conclusion of your script.