If you prefer the tutorial style of explanation, please see the following examples that walk you through examples:


Quick Start Tutorial
Walks you through the beginnings of making a beginner’s ship launcher script.
Basic Explanation Tutorial
Covers basic commands of KOS.


Design Patterns Tutorial
Discusses some general aspects of kOS flow control and optimizations.
PID Loop Tutorial
Starts with a basic proportional feedback loop and develops, in stages, a complete PID-loop to control the throttle of a simple rocket design.
Execute Node script
ZiwKerman describes a generic “execute manuever node” script to be a one-size-fits-all solution to many situations in KSP. If you can make a manuever node for something, exenode will execute it.
Display Bounds script
An example program showing how to read vessel and part bounding boxes to learn what the shape of the ship is. It also contains some rotation transformation of vectors, and some examples of drawing lines and vectors with VECDRAW.
Creating Reusable GUI Elements
Creating and using a “TabWidget” to put a lot of functionality in a small amount of screenspace.

External tutorials

Tutorials written by others, outside the main kOS docs.

General tutorials