Community Examples LibraryΒΆ

Starting with version 0.17.0 of kOS, we have decided to support a separate repository of examples and libraries that “live” entirely in Kerboscript code only. This is a useful place to find helpful code written mostly by other users of kOS, some of whom may be members of the main kOS development team, but most of whom are not and are just ordinary users of kOS like you.

The separate repository is found here:

Some examples of useful things you can find there are:

  • A library for getting navball orientation information:
  • An example of how to use the sasmode feature:
  • A helpful set of routines letting you enumerate over lists, queues, and stacks, using callback delegates.
  • An example of a seven-segment display controller.
  • A keypad emulator that lets you move a ‘finger’ cursor around a visual keyboard and type letters.
  • A library for drawing chunky lines out of the character cells of the terminal.
  • A library routine to help calculate when to launch from the launchpad to match a given target inclination orbit.