structure StyleState

A sub-structure of Style, used to define some properties of a style that only are applied under some dynamically changing conditions. (For example, to set the color a widget will have when focused to be different from the color it will have when not focused.)

Suffix Type Description
BG string Name of a “9-slice” image file. See note below.
TEXTCOLOR Color The color of the text on the label.

This string is an image filename that must be stored in the archive folder (it cannot be on a local drive). The image files are always found relative to volume 0 (the Ships/Scripts directory) and specifying a ”.png” extension is optional. Note, that this ignores the normal rules about finding the archive within comms range. You are allowed to access these files even when not in range of the archive, because they represent the visual look of your ship’s control panels, not actual files sent on the ship.

This image is what is called a “9-slice image”. This is a kind of image designed to handle the difficulty of stretching an image properly to any size. When you stretch an image for a background, you usually only want to stretch the middle part of the image in width and height, and not stretch the edges and corners of the image the same way.


The four corner pieces of the image are used as-is without stretching.

The edge pieces of the image on the top and bottom are stretched horizontally but not vertically.

The edge pieces of the image on the left and right are stretched vertically but not horizontally.

Only the pixels in the center piece of the image are stretched both vertically and horizontally.

The Style:BORDER attribute of the style for the widget defines where the left, right, top and bottom coordinates are to mark these 9 sections of the image.

If set to "", these background images will default to the corresponding normal image and if that is also "", it will default to the normal BG image, and if that is also "", then it will default to completely transparent.


The color of foreground text within this widget when it is in this state.